Graduated in Graphic Design by the Pontifícia Universidade Católica Do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) in Rio de Janeiro, Marcela is a designer and visual merchandiser living in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2008, in Rio, she interned for the university's design studio where she was dedicated to several internal university's projects as well as outside clients and projects. After experiencing other agencies and design studios, in 2010 she started working in the Brazilian beachwear brand Salinas, where she works until today, coordinating the design and visual merchandising departments. She is responsible for designing windows displays, catalog's scenarios, online and offline materials, packaging, and other activities.

All her free time is dedicated to scenography and decor plans, as well as branding related projects and her work can be seen here.

Marcela searches for creative projects that can contribute for her development as a person and as a designer.

She is vegan.

Based in Porto, Portugal, graduated from Puc-Rio with a degree in graphic design, working with design and visual merchansiding.

I started working with design in 2007, when I interned for Puc-Rio's design studio, where I was dedicated in several projects within the university and outside clients from the studio. One year later, I worked in a communication agency called Red Bandana, developing brand design and packaging materials for several clients.  It was until 2010, that I started working at one of the most important brazilian beachwear brand, Salinas, where I spent most of my career. I was responsable for design and visual merchandising departments coordinating both, developing window displays, scenarios, online and offline design pieces, packaging and branding related work.

Recently, I developed interest in environmental and sustainability issues and started to engage and use my experience as a designer, working with events, organizations and people related with this theme.

I keep searching for creative projects that contribute for my development both as a person and a professional.